Thursday, 26 August 2010

Thursday practice

Another ace practice! Lovely conditions, dry roads, sunny, warm, couldn't ask for better! The bike's going great guns.

I don't see Kyonari washing his own bike! Danny's at Cadwell this weekend, Goooooo Dan!

Lovely motorcycles in the sun..

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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Wednesday practice

Fantastic evening! Lovely sun, no wind, and no incidents that I saw. The bike's working really well, blimey, I seem to have nothing at all to whinge about!

Look at that sea, it's like a mill pond!

You don't half meet some dodgy old chatacters round the MGP paddock. Cargo on his way to a right good scrootin'.

The mountain, with the last few classics thundering up it.
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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Tuesday practice

Perfect conditions! Blue skies, dry roads, lots of lovely marshals and away we go! Havent seen any times yet but it was a mile inside qualifying. Hooraw.

It was so nice, even Clacker's smiling! Well, almost... :-)

Some lovely bikes with some unfamiliar blue stuff behind them.

Another happy smiling rider! Dave Sells.

Clacker off the start.
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Monday, 23 August 2010

First timed practice

The misfire is definitely fixed, yay! Alas tonight was streaming wet most of the way round... fingers crossed for some dry roads tomorrow!

Mad axe-cat Bonnie. Obviously trying to live up to her namesake, Ms. Raitt...

This was yesterday.

... and this was this evening. There's me looking at the sunshine and being all optimistic, some moments later that big black cloud behind me joined the fun!
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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Dyno afternoon

Happy! A quick run on Slick's dyno showed that the misfire was a plug on the way out. New plugs and the bike screams all the way to 127 bhp once again!

At £221 plus vat per set, it's a good thing this doesn't happen too often!

My Dutch friends Henk and Dirk were vastly amused last year by the expression "Mad as a box of frogs". So they brought Slick a present! The sign in Dutch means "A box of mad frogs".

Slick, the dynomeister!

The thing, y'see, about washable air filters is that you should wash them occasionally.
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First practice

Hum. I've had better... alas the bike would not pull at all at high revs, so I did one lap and pulled in. No big deal, we're off to Uncle Slick's Dyno Emporium at 12 today to sort it out. I doubt if it will be anything sigificant, it was bob on at Jurby South.

The Aardvan!

It's been a few years since we saw conditions like this for first practice!! Of course we got the obligatory rain shower as soon as we parked up in parc ferme, but the roads weren't bad at all once we were out.

A huge chunk of ladies road racing history in one happy smiling photo!! TT rider Hillary Musson, TT rider Maria Costello and TT marshal extraordinaire and sidecar freak Helen Gibson.
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Friday, 20 August 2010

Signing on

Signing on today.. Mostly harmless. The slick new computerised system went straight into castors-up mode and the fall
back system of the MMCC ladies wielding pens and pencils swung into smooth operation. We're all signed on, inspected, and ready to go!

The new MGP Festival logo, on a fence!

This is Deputy Clerk of the Course, Andy MacKay, taking his duties terribly seriously at the rider's briefing.

Trainee mechanic Bonnie catching a few rays in the back yard before the madness begins...
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Thursday, 19 August 2010

It's yon time again...

Manx GP 2010. Signing on starts tomorrow at 1... I'm only playing with the Kawasaki this year, I'm number 54 in the Junior (white numbers on blue plates) and Senior (black numbers on yellow plates.

The cut off year for the post classic has changed, so had I entered the poor old Jota it would be up against a mob of '87 GSXR750's. A tell order even for The Mighty Jota, the Beast of Breganze!!

First practice is Saturday evening, roads close at 5pm and dare I say it... the weather forecast is good!
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