Sunday, 2 September 2007


Well, that's that for the 2007 Manx GP. Bit of a mixed bag as it always is; it was a real shame to miss out on the Senior but there was really nowt to be done about that.

On a better note, here's the Andreas Racing Association Lightweight team, Dave Sells, Dean Martin and Wally Kneale plus race secretary Sarah. A fantastic result for the lads, we're very proud of 'em!

That Sells, does he look chuffed or *what* !!!

And here's Neal "Champ" Champion, picking up his silverware for a 9th place finish. A fantastic result, we'll see ya next year doing even better, I'm sure of that!

Looking forward we've a canter round Jurby Airfield in a couple of weeks, and then the season finish, the 4 hour endurance which I love!
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Venus42 said...

Hi there,

Came across this blog recently during some late-night surfing.
Are you by any chance Keith McKay who graduated in computer science from Edinburgh Uni in 1982 or 83, and was both a motorcyclist and a glider pilot?

If not, I apologise - it's probably a very common name!

Best wishes,

skylark42 at

Keith McKay said...

Yup, that's me!

I haven't been gliding in many years but as you can see i'm doing a lot of biking... :-)

kmckay at manx dot net will find me...