Friday, 31 August 2007

Senior (non-) race day

Feh. This is the 750, in the parc ferme. And this is as far as it got. Weather was rubbish, the 400cc lads came in from the day's first (and only as it turned out) race with lurid tales of big skids over the white lines at places like Guthrie's and the 27th.

We waited a while but the organisers decided to cancel the Senior. It was the only call to make I have to say, the conditions really were vile, but I am so, so frustrated.

Clacker and Woody, about to set off for the 400cc race.

Here's Carolynn, also about to start the 400cc race. She was second fastest in practice, you can here see her friend carefully inserting her race brain.

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PaulE said...

Sorry to hear the bad news - No Racing!

How's this then Keith? 619 lb bike, 156 mph, 0-60 less than 1 second - The KillaCycle

Keith McKay said...


I'd like to see then get *that* round Governor's Dip....

Arf arf!