Thursday, 28 August 2008

Junior race

In a word, yuk.

Hours late, at 5.30, we got underway with a race reduced to 3 laps. Conditions were amp and patchy, my least favourite... I can ride in the dry, or wet, but half and half always throws me out.

I started with Stu Bainborough, his bike's a hair quicker than mine and so he made St. Ninian's first but I managed to keep him in sight for quite a while... but after Ballacraine, it got much wetter and the throttle turned into a go-sideways lever rather than a go-faster lever. Stu seemed not bothered by this and by the time I made the start of Cronk-Y-Voddy he was just vanishing over the end. Feh!

That set the tone for the rest of the race; I just couldn't get any kind of rhythm going. I'd get a bit of pace on, have a couple of lairy slides, scare meself daft and have to collect meself again.

Rubbish ride, rubbish result.

Good news is the race was won by Manx newcomer Danny Kneen who also won the 400cc newcomers race on Monday. Well done that man!

I'm off up to Slick's now to put the Senior engine in, then I have to get me head straight for Friday.


Unknown said...

Were you on inters or dry's?

Keith McKay said...

inter front, dry rear.

Front gave no problems, so that probably says summat !! :-)