Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Blue skies!

Great day! My pal Alison arranged to have some good weather delivered and it showed up right on time!

Here's Janice in her Lara Croft boots (but minus pistols and, as she pointed out, a couple of other things ending in "istols" for the full Lara effect) enjoying the first sun we've seen in ages.

Number 59 is local superstar Danny Kneen, he's qualifying his R6 for the Junior and running his 400 in the newcomers and ultra lightweight.

Practice got off just a couple of minutes late and conditions were extremely good... just the odd damp patch still drying out. I went down to a 42 sprocket but the bike's still revving out and it only (!) made 155 through the speed trap at Sulby. I'll go to 17/44 tomorrow, as recommended by me pal Champ. He was 9th last year on a similar bike so he has a clue or 2!

The first lap came in at 104 ish, still a bit cautious, but I got me head down a bit on the second ... until the fuel warning came on at Ballaugh! I should have stopped at Ramsey I s'pose, there's a petrol station there. There isn't one at Windy Corner though! There's a lovely bunch of marshalls there however, including my pal Paul England and the amazing engineering medic Doc Moran. They had a can of petrol siphoned out of a Land Cruiser in no time and I trundled back down the mountain all on me lonesome.

Plan for tomorrow; longer gearing, have a chat with Slick about the fuel mapping and make bleedin' sure the tank is brimmed right up before the off!
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Unknown said...

Just don't go too lean! Don't forget it's gr'e'enade tendencies and the length of time you're holding throttle for will need a richer mixture up at t'top.

Longer gear will help..


Keith McKay said...

just back from Slick's... filling the bike upright off the stand and judicious application of the air line gets us an extra 4L.

So we're sorted, no need to mess with the map.

Sun's shining, Keef happy!!

AVIF Volunteers in Kenya said...

Janice .. wicked boots !
Is that Danny Kneen as in photographer for the MGP website .. tell him nice one getting a link to his site on there, no other site seems to allow it & give well-earned credit to the photographers.
Doc Moran .. so he does exist ??.. never found him during the TT despite numerous visits to the Traff purely for that reason (and a few ales too.. and the great company .. and the craic .. and the severe drinks that Slick bought).

Glad the sun-dance worked .. I managed to finally get my Jeep's windscreen changed after Ben put his foot almost through it, in between mental showers and torrential downfalls .. took a set of Lancashire fitters to do the job (the Yorkshire ones couldn't manage it) .. then pure brilliant sunshine straight after.
Happy throttling, young Keef x