Saturday, 23 August 2008

Rain again.

We carried this over for Mike Newton on the way back from our last UK trip! It's his boots and orange overalls.

The bike just needed a clean and a check over, assisted as always by Comrade Trotsky.

"I think you need to go up a tooth on yer gearbox sprocket, mate."

We packed the van and headed over to the paddock, to find...


... at Bungalow Bridge.

So we had a cuppa, and came straight home.

They are going to close the roads for an untimed session because a lot of the lads still need to get the laps in to qualify. If they actually do let the bikes out I'm going town to the Central to watch. I'll try to snap a few pics, I don't think motion blur will be much of a problem today!

UPDATE at 18:20: Practice cancelled. Not a big surprise...

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AVIF Volunteers in Kenya said...

Trotskyyyyyyy .. loving the posts, Keith, keep it coming. Heard about John Goodall, not good but the show must go on.
Wish to god I was there but not going to happen now :-(

Kick the Kwak frontways, Mr McKay !!!