Friday, 28 August 2009

Another good day!

The parts sent from Motalia in deepest Norfolk at 1pm yesterday arrived at 11am today, so a biiig up to Parcel Force! The boys (Phil, Steve & Henk) got straight to work fitting them to the Jota. Dyno tomorrow morning, and then a practice tomorrow evening.

I packed the Kawasaki in the van and hooned over to the paddock... of course as soon as we left Ramsey the rain came down in stair rods.

It was pretty much rain on and off for the rest of the day; and once out wet roads everywhere.

We were second session out, the classics and 400's were first off. I snapped a few pics of me mates leaving the start.

Once we got the start I took it fairly easy but the Pirelli inters were working really well so I could get a wee bit of a move on... only a couple of scary moments, I *always* seem to hit a slippy patch at the 11th! And then after a dry run down Sulby Straight I came round the kink at the distillery to find an absolute *cloudburst* in the braking area!! Huge thanks to the marshal there who saved my bacon with some expressive body language on the adhesion flag!

Fozzy on the TS//2C Benelli

Clacker off to get wet!!

The lovely XR69 replica that Ryan Farquar's riding
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loulee said...

You take it easy mister!! Add my thanks to yours when you see that marshal.
I have fingers, toes, legs everything crossed hoping for some improvement in the weather.