Sunday, 23 August 2009

Well, what a great first practice! Both bikes rolled through scrutineering with no probles, other than a comment that we have to extend the oil catch tray on the Jota for Monday. No probs there, a bit of glassfibre magic from Henk and we're sorted.

I got out on the Kawa first, after a short delay and it was flying!! We've done the engine in "safe mode" as the pistons don't like the long straights and tend to object by melting! So the compression (and therefore bmep and therefore bhp) are down on last year. However the
bike seems easier to ride fast because of that; although the practice was untimed the team had me at 103 average which is fine for a first run out. 2 good laps in, happy!

I took the Jota out after that, not so brilliant here.. the lean spot at 7500 was hard to ride through and as you can imagine a couple of bits managed to shake loose - primarily the rev counter! However, I found a bigger set of jets (160, it had 150's fitted previously and we put them in today, in addition to tighening and checking the rest of the bike.

It's been hosing down all day today, but the forecast sounds better for tomorrow. Off to the pub now for a lime & soda in company with my pals Sal & Miche who probably won't be drinking lime & soda!!

This is the lads waiting for the technical briefing

The Mighty Jota!

My mate Dave "Clacker" Clarke had a grreat run too... well done Dave!

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