Friday, 21 August 2009

Signing On

Over to the paddock today to sign on, the Manx Motorcycle Club as ever ran this as slick as you like, all computer logged and controlled by a bar code on my TT course license.

Here's a bunch of disreputables getting lectured by Deputy Clerk of the Course Andy MacKay.

New for this year we have to put the numbers on the belly pan... easy to read for the lovely lovely TT marshals if the bike's lying on its side!!

As always, big thanks to my hairy pal Slick. The Kawasaki earned itsself the nickname "The Green Grenade" lasy year but (fingers crossed, touch wood) it's been fine this year.

In closing my opening, two bits of sad news... my ol' mate James "Sidecar Mel" Melvin, who was to have spannered for me this fortnight, passed away last week from a heart attack. He was preceded by my big orange buddy and garage assistant, Trotsky the cat. Not the best start to the Manx but here ya go mates, this one's for you.

Bring the noise!

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