Monday, 31 August 2009

Racing rained off today; the announcement was at 7am by the organisers. Again, the right call, it absolutely hosed down all day.

So we went to Slick's to play on the dyno; we got the Jota's power curve nicely smoothed out. Top end is a rampaging 82 bhp!!

Here's an MGP's worth of tyres!! Rears on the left from the top, Pirelli Supercorsa Pro (dry conditions), old intermediate (wet conditions), new intermediate, old Supercorsa. Middle heap is the new front Supercorsa Pro and the old Supercorsa. Left heap is a front full wet, another old Supercorsa, a new intermediate and an old intermediate.

The Jota's final power curve!

The Mighty Jota on the dyno.
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