Friday, 24 August 2007

Friday practice

Smashing day, sorta. I spent the morning haunting Paul Dedman's shop, hoping for a set of clutch plates which as it happens were infesting a shelf in a DHL depot in Manchester. DHL translated "Deliver urgently to the IoM" to "Stick em on a shelf till we feel like sending em".

Aargh! Still, major kudos to Paul who spent a big chunk of his morning chasing them on the phone. Should have em tomorrow.

So to the paddock with the 600. We were second session out so I got a chance to snap a couple of mates in the classics and lighweights...

I got 2 good laps in, the first was pretty slow as there was a ton of traffic to get through but the second was better at 106ish.

Here's Steve Gibb (25). Obviously the way to go reeeally quick on a Drixton Honda 350 is to wave your foot around and not look where you're going!!

Here's Young Woody, giving it looads off the start!

Some of tonight's crew, Becca (l) and Janice (r) with the Andreas club race secretary Sarah in the middle. Note that Janice has her race week plumage on already, being freshly pink-haired by Cargo's team!

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Adie said...

if the clutch isnt there by lunchtime tomorrow give me a shout as I'm over tomorrow night and could prlly pick them up.