Thursday, 30 August 2007

Junior race day

Wednesday, Junior race day.

This is the parc ferme, after scrutineering.

The Irish Ago competed in the Lightweight Classic in the morning - he was the only finisher from our club! Here he is, just after taking the chequered flag.

How true, my friend, how true!!

My own race was a bit rubbish actually, on the second lap I got tangled up in a biggish bunch of bikes and we just ended tripping over each other for the last 3 laps. My times were a good couple of mph down on last year, could have done better if I'd been able to make a break from the bunch but I bet all the other guys thought so too!

I got a practice lap in on the 750, Dave Hagen's work on the shock was absolutely spot on! So I'm good to go on that on Friday.
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PaulE said...

Go for it matey! I'll be watching during me lunch break. Good luck!!