Wednesday, 22 August 2007

That's racing, as they say...

The day started like this. Spot on weather, everybody happy. Then the postie brought several exciting parcels; a new stopwatch and a package containing some "Stomp" tank grips (to make ot easier to hang on to the tank with me knees) but failing to contain the bit I *really* need; a new screen. The old one got clobbered by a lump of rock at the Jurby South event.

Here's me van. As painted by the lovely Gary Partridge at Happy Dog Race Paints. He is truly one of life's better surprises, is Gary, he's just back from passengering for Dave Molyneaux at the World Sidecar championships in Croatia.

Here's today's crew, with some hangers-on! Tracey, Champ (riding a storm, 7th quickest today), Suzanne, Mike, Janice and The Irish Ago, Kev Murphy who's having loads of fun on a classic Ducati.

So how, I hear you all cry, did you get on in practice Keef mate? Shite, actually! I went out on the 750, and the clutch gave up the ghost at the Ramsey hairpin. I got the bike back to the grandstand, pulled in and jumped on me 600. After an entertaining first couple of miles -- I had to remember, no quick shifter so dip the throttle on gearchanges and there's 30 bhp missing so no, the engine ain't broke, it's just a bit slower! -- I settled back into it and was going well until the 32nd... phut, no electrics. Still, John and Mike the marshalls at the 32nd are top company and make a mean cup of tea! The view was great too.

Alas some low cloud swept in and the second part of practice, the classics, were cancelled. I was really looking forward to seeing them!

I'll have a look at the 600 tomorrow, it's likely just a connector come loose with the shaking around they get round here. I'll drop the 750 at Slick and he can sort out the clutch.
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