Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Tuesday fettling

Ohhhhh nooooo! Look who's discovered our beer stash!!

Clutch plates!! The 750 is now fully back together. Slick did the clutch and tested it on the dyno and Dave Hagen at Evomoto in Ramsey overhauled the shock and gave us LOADS of excellent advice about setting it up. Huge thanks to them and also to Paul Dedman ... this is in fact the second set of plates he ordered which were delivered (on time, note!) by Parcelforce.

This, by the by, is a Munch Mammoth, an NSU car engine powered monster from Germany. I haven't seen one before, but this was just filling up at our local petrol station! If it's on 2 wheels, you'll likely see one at the Manx Grand Prix.

We, or rather Henk, also fettled the Aardvan. This is what was left of the loading step!

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