Monday, 20 August 2007

Practice starts!

Finally, we're off! Practice started tonight in prett much spot on conditions. I went out on the 600, as seen below in the scrutineering queue.

This is the queue from the top of the hill! It takes ages but it's important to get the bike checked thoroughly.

This is tonight's helpers; L to R Mick, Janice and Andy. I'm due a severe beating from Mick's lass cos he's mad keen to go racing now! Andy caused some comment thanks to his unusual attire.

I got 2 steady laps in. The 600 went and handled great; I want to tweak the suspension a little but apart from that I'll not change much. I'll post the machine settings which will be of great interest to one or two of you and may also help the insomniacs.

Haven't seen times yet, I'll post 'em when I get 'em.
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Unknown said...

Hooray! not bad either...for a 750!
you may have your transponders mixed up...:o)

Good luck DFC!

Keith McKay said...

not the transponders mate, the race office did my machine change on the wrong class!! was wrong last night too despite me visiting to sort it oot.