Saturday, 18 August 2007

Practice cancelled!

Feh. as subject. This is the view from our front door; there should be a mountain there with a racetrack running up it. Instead, there's a bunch of cloud, fog, rain and generally more water and less visibility than one would like when wazzing a racing motorbike about.

I did a bit of lockwiring on the 750, stuck the numbers on it and then helped out Champ with his bikes. I also picked up another set of tyres at Paul Dedman's, Pirelli Supercorsas for dry conditions. I left him cackling like a drain and planning his next holiday in the Maldives.

There's nothing planned tomorrow, so we'll get Champ's workshop squared away and generally chill out.

Champ is working out of my pal Sarah's garage, it's a good size and close by but there's the detritus of centuries in there -- I think we'll do a few trips to the tip tomorrow!
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