Monday, 27 August 2007

Sunday fettling

Here's Champ, goggling in awe at the dyno charts for his 600!

Here's Slick, fixing the clutch on my 750.

DHL!!!! Aaaaaaargh!! What are they like!! My new clutch plates arrived in their depot at Ballasalla 8pm Friday. They're closed Saturday, Sunday and they're on holiday on Monday. Call themselves a courier company!! I even tracked down 2 different DHL employees to beg for my package but noooo, more than my job's worth to open up on a Sunday, squire, etc etc... useless bunch of toerags!! Guaranteed 24 hour delivery is now 4 days and counting.

Slick's done his best with the old plates and stronger springs and spacers, we'll just have to see how it holds.
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