Friday, 17 August 2007

Signing on

Signing on today went no problem. I had to get 2 transponders checked (one for each bike), my leathers, helmet, boots and gloves examined, 2 licences checked -- an ACU National so show I can race a bike at this level and a TT licence to show I'm barking mad enough to want to ride on the Mountain course. Then loads of forms, for my address, contact details, same for me pit crew, and then we're done.

I caught up with loads of mates around the paddock -- lots in the very long queue! -- and dropped in on the TT Marshall's association, officially the loveliest people in the world.

Then back home, picked up some Rennsport Rain intermediate tyres from Paul Dedman's down the road. Stuck them in the 600, then cooked dinner. My mate Neal Champion who's staying with us and is also racing rolled up just then.

After din we finished off the 600 -- race numbers and bodywork back on. Tomorrow I just have to fuel it and stick the transponder on and then load up the van.
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